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Sale of Fish

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Our Offer

Fish fry from the Fish hatchery Vračovice (April, May)

  • Mirror Carp fry or Common carp fry
  • Pike fry
  • Ide fry
  • Ide golden form fry
  • Chub fry
  • other fish fry

Fry and Young fish of

  • Carp, Pike, Tench, Grass carp, Silver carp, Zander, Catfish

Market fish

  • Carp, Tench, Silver carp, Grass carp, Pike, Catfish, Trout, Brook Trout , Salmonidae fish species, Pike, European perch, Common bream and other fish

Ornamental fish

  • Ide golden form, Koi carp, Goldfish, Goldfish Shubunkin

Rheophilic and Protected fish species

  • Common nase, Asp, Grayling, Burbot, Ide, Chub


  • Sale of fish is realized on the basis of written orders submitted in advance.
  • Prices for listed fry, young fish and other fish are set on the basis of submitted orders.
  • We will arrange transport within the country.
  • Fish are under constant veterinary supervision of a veterinarian and Regional Veterinary Administration.
  • The fish veterinary health certificate will be provided at the request of the customer.